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Home Fishery Catfish 8 Pieces Organic Smoked Catfish: A Tasty and Nutritious Choice” –

8 Pieces Organic Smoked Catfish: A Tasty and Nutritious Choice" -


Healthy Catfish grown organically in our farms. Processed and smoked in the most hygienic conditions in our charcoal oven to give it a unique earthy flavour.

  • High Quality Homegrown, Smoked Catfish;
  • Sand and Preservatives free;
  • Long Shelf Life;
  • Comes in different spiced flavours (upon request).

Our organic smoked catfish is a treat for your taste buds, grown on our farms and smoked with care. It's made in a clean, charcoal oven, giving it a unique earthy flavor. In this blog post, we'll tell you all about our catfish, from its great taste to its health benefits.

Our special method of smoking in a charcoal oven gives our catfish a fantastic smoky taste. You'll love every bite, thanks to the care we put into our process.

If you like a bit more flavor, we can add spices to your catfish. This way, you can have your catfish just the way you like it.

Our catfish is versatile in the Kitchen: You can use it in all sorts of recipes, like soups and stews. It adds a smoky twist that makes your dishes extra delicious. You can also snack on it – a healthy choice compared to processed foods.

Our catfish is packed with high-quality protein and important nutrients. It's good for your health and fits well into a balanced diet. Plus, we make sure it's free from sand, so you save time in the kitchen.

Our catfish stays fresh for a long time. Keep it properly stored, and it will last for six months or even more. You can also keep it in the freezer for a year without losing its delicious taste.

To sum it up, our organic smoked catfish is a tasty and healthy choice. It brings a unique smoky flavor to your meals, works well in various recipes, and has great health benefits. Plus, it stays fresh for a long time. Try our catfish and enjoy a delicious and nutritious addition to your meals.

we also sell live catfish if that is your preference


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