About Us

Are you looking for where to get purely, organically grown food that provides excellent nourishment for you and your family?. Look no further.

It is common knowledge that as food scares soars, people become more concerned with food safety and the demand for non-genetically modified edibles spirals. Also, as environmental protection becomes salient to society, the need to utilize environmentally-friendly products increases. 

Eat clean, green and fresh foods right out of the farm.

Fresh to the scene, JMeggro sets itself apart as one of the finest agritech companies that produces top quality organic foods by implementing intelligent software analysis, data-driven and sustainable farming practices.

We supply a wide range of products, from freshly harvested, to foods processed on the farm. They include;

  • Hygienically milled and processed rice 
  • Live catfish, oven-smoked catfish and other fish products like organic fish feed for your fish farm, barbecued catfish with chips etc.
  • Organic poultry, eggs and poultry feed
  • Pigs 
  • Garden-fresh vegetables

Our efficient distribution channels facilitate nationwide delivery. We’re equally setting a precedent for conservation with our eco-friendly branding and packaging of processed and unprocessed food products.

By and large, our online platforms are very effective. You can place selective or wholesale orders. We strategically meet customer needs and maintain an excellent customer feedback loop.

Our Story

JMeggro LLC is a company that is leading the way in sustainable agriculture and online e-commerce in Nigeria. Based at #2 Isi-Ogbodu Rd., Umuohuo, Mpam, Ahiazu-Mbaise Imo State, the company was incorporated in September 2022 with a vision of creating an integrated farm with an online e-commerce site and distribution channels.

JMeggro is powered by a 5KVA solar system.

JMeggro is powered by a 5KVA solar system.

One of the key challenges faced by JMeggro LLC was a lack of reliable electricity and water supply in the area. However, the company has taken steps to address these challenges and improve the efficiency and sustainability of its operations. To improve access to water, JMeggro LLC dug a borehole at the farm. The company has also installed a 5KVA solar system to power the farm, which is a renewable, clean energy source that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the environmental impact of its operations. In addition, the farm is equipped with solar streetlights to improve safety and security in the surrounding area.

JMeggro LLC operates a catfish farm with a capacity of up to 10,000 fish, as well as broiler and layer poultry operations. The company began production of broilers in September 2022, and started selling at 8 weeks. Marketing efforts have included Facebook ads and taking products to marketplaces, with most customers coming from the city of Umuahia.

In August 2022, JMeggro LLC introduced hybrid catfish and Clarias catfish to the farm, with each species having different growth rates and maturity periods. The company is now preparing to begin marketing its catfish products, and is confident that its high-quality, sustainably-raised fish will be well received by customers.

JMeggro LLC is dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. The company is also committed to adopting sustainable practices to improve the long-term viability of the farm, and to supporting the well-being and satisfaction of its staff. To that end, JMeggro LLC has built a modern administrative building with a reception, general manager office, and staff offices. The company also provides living quarters for its staff to ensure that they have a comfortable and convenient place to live while working at the farm.

In addition to its current operations, JMeggro LLC has ambitious future goals. The company plans to expand into rice processing and bagging, eggs packaging and branding, catfish barbecue, and various local food preservation and packaging. These efforts will help JMeggro LLC diversify its product offerings and increase its revenue streams. The company is also focused on conducting food science research to stay at the forefront of industry developments and improve the quality and sustainability of its products.

JMeggro e-Commerce site for online sales of farm produce

JMeggro LLC’s online e-commerce site, https://meggro.com/, allows customers to easily browse and purchase the company’s products from the convenience of their own homes. The site offers a wide range of products, including both fresh and processed foods, giving customers a diverse selection to choose from.

Overall, JMeggro LLC is an innovative and forward-thinking company that is poised for success in the fast-growing agriculture and e-commerce sectors in Nigeria. By focusing on sustainability, quality, and innovation, the company is working towards creating sustainable jobs for locals and generating economic interest in the rural area. With its strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Our Slogan

Eat clean, green and fresh foods right out of the farm

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at JMeggro LLC is to provide high-quality, sustainable products to our customers while supporting economic growth and job creation in rural communities. We are committed to using innovative and environmentally-friendly practices in all aspects of our operations, and to building strong relationships with our suppliers, customers, and employees. We strive to be a leader in the agriculture and e-commerce sectors, and to make a positive impact on the world around us.

JMeggro LLC logo

JMeggro Logo

JMeggro logo incorporates whitespace to depict a fish growing from a tree with leaves, surrounded by clouds, an effective visual representation of the sustainability and growth focus of JMeggro LLC. The tree and leaves represent the company’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices, while the fish symbolize the company’s focus on aquaculture. The clouds is a metaphor for the company’s forward-thinking and innovative approach.

Overall, this logo concept is a strong and unique representation of JMeggro LLC’s brand and mission.